We’re All About the Numbers

Learning is an exhilarating experience for children. From a 5-month-old discovering her own feet to a 3-year-old cracking the code to read, to an 8-year-old discovering the power of multiplying big numbers – all of it brings joy and zest for more learning.

So it’s hard to comprehend why our society believes we can only learn math when the content is serious, tedious and dry. Yes, people do believe this, almost reflexively. In one study, people ranked a dry lecture more effective than an engaging lab on the same topic – even though the lab participants scored higher on the eventual test than the lecture attendees!

We learn better when we enjoy learning, when we are engaged emotionally, and best of all when we interact with others. But our system insists on limiting the levity, humor and messiness in learning. No wonder so many students find school intimidating and irrelevant.

Bedtime Math shakes up these misconceptions to unleash the learning in kids. We have immense impact because instead of holding these misconceptions, we look at the research – and the research shows over and over that learning accelerates when kids are emotionally engaged, use their hands and eyes and even whole bodies in activities, and have memorable experiences. School should not feel like a forced march. It’s time to take fun learning seriously. 

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