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Bedtime Math

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Bedtime Math has had a big effect on kids who’ve tried it. Here’s what some of our fans have to say:

My kids seriously clamor for this every night. Little story, little math, little thinking practice…LOVE IT. – KJ Dell’Antonia, author and former “Motherlode” blogger for The New York Times

My boys (ages 7, 9 and 10) race to the table at bedtime with pieces of scrap paper. I actually used the threat last night, “If you don’t get your teeth brushed in the next three minutes, no math tonight!” – Elisa K.

My daughter was annoyed the first night I introduced this to her bedtime routine, accepting the second night, and by the third night she wanted math before her story. It has completely transformed my daughter’s attitude towards math. – Indwangu via App Store

My kids LOVE doing Bedtime Math. It’s the highlight of their bedtime routine. – Denea G.

Crazy 8s

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Kids go crazy over Crazy 8s. Here’s what some of our coaches have to say:

Students that didn’t like math have decided that math can be fun. They are putting more effort in the classroom work after playing with math in fun ways after school. Thank you for a great program. – Sandra B., Crazy 8s Coach, Port Angeles, WA

The kids really love it! It is the perfect mix of fun and academics in an after-school program! – Tierra M., Albany, NY

The students had a BLAST and many students reported that over the course of the clubs they started to like math more and to see that it has a purpose in our everyday life! How awesome is that? – Rebekah F., Crazy 8s Coach, Boones Mill, VA

Thank you so much! Your kits are over the moon amazing. I’m so impressed. Kids are clamoring to get into the club! – Gail R., Crazy 8s Coach, Marshall, MI

Fun Factor

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We’re adding the fun factor to the K-5 classroom. Here’s what teachers and students have to say:

The emotional toll that this school year took on children, especially at the elementary level, is still an unknown, especially how it will affect their learning potential in the short and long term. Reminding us of the effectiveness of ‘play’ in instruction was invaluable! – George Regan, Math Academic Support Instructor, Lawrence Township, NJ

I thought of math as the worst subject, but after Fun Factor it wasn’t that way. It made me change the way I see math. – 3rd Grader, Westfield, NJ

We like to bring quality programs and resources to our team. Your work is inspiring. – Robin Bowerman and Stacey Strong, Math Instructional Coaches, Falmouth, MA

I really appreciate you explicitly connecting to concrete, pictorial, abstract progressions, as that is something we continue to work on as a building. – Nicole Slota-Terry, Math Interventionist, Paterson, NJ

Kids can love math. Join the movement and be a part of it.